Hire an Officer


Thank you for your interest in contracting for the (off-duty) services of a Stallings Police Officer. Interested officers are available for a variety of public-safety-focused assignments, including traffic direction and personal and/or event safety. While contracted with you or your company for these purposes, these officers remain a representative of the Stallings Police Department and are subject to the controls and restrictions of our department.  If you have any questions, you can contact Lieutenant Fuller at 704-821-0300 or email RollKall to request an Officer.

Off-duty officers are subject to SPD policies. A private employer has no supervisory authority over police personnel and is restricted to providing only a general assignment of duties to be performed by the officer.

Officers must confine their duties to those of a law enforcement nature; officers cannot enforce the rules and regulations of the employer that are not otherwise a violation of law. Officers do not have the same authority over private property that the employer or the employer’s other employees have. The officer’s actions are limited ONLY to any breach of the peace or violation of law.  Officers will not regulate entry into a facility or venue; officers will not check identification and/or entry tickets, nor operate metal detectors, perform searches of people coming into a business or event, question persons about the validity of their presence within a business or venue, or ask persons to leave a business or venue without an employee being present that has already asked the person to leave.

Officers will not conduct ANY record check of any individual unless that record check is pursuant to an official investigation of a possible violation of law.

Officers will not initiate or otherwise authorize the towing of any vehicle from private property unless the officer has reasonable belief that the vehicle is stolen or subject to a criminal investigation; tows from private property must be initiated by the employer.

Any deviation from the restrictions imposed above must be outlined in writing and formally approved in writing by the Assistant Chief of Police.

The Patrol Lieutenant will review each application to determine the correct staffing levels; staffing levels are based upon a variety of factors, to include, but not limited to: estimated attendance, the sale and/or consumption of alcoholic beverages on the premises, previous event history, physical layout of the site, traffic, and/or parking issues.

Requests for Secondary Employment officers shall be submitted at least five (5) business days prior to the date & time of the requested service. The five-day period may be waived if the employment is in the interest of critical public safety.

Jobs that require more than (4) officers may require a supervisor. Additional supervisor may be required for certain larger jobs. A supervisor may be required for certain jobs regardless of the number of officers required for the job.  The Patrol Lieutenant will make that determination.

The Stallings Police Department reviews the following rates annually, considering market rates of the area. Employers will be provided at least thirty (30) day notice of anticipated rate changes; any rate change will take effect on July 1st.  Employers may compensate officers above the minimum (stated) rates at the employer’s discretion; SPD Officers cannot negotiate rates with the employer. Any rates paid to any officer that exceeds the minimum rate must be approved by the Assistant Chief. The following rates are effective July 1, 2023:

HOURLY RATE:            Officer                         $36.70

                                       Supervisor*                 $42.00

MINIMUM HOURS:        There is a four (4) hour minimum for each officer per event.

LATE REQUEST RATE: $5.00 additional per hour; for requests received in fewer than four (4) days of the event / need.


If the employer wishes to cancel their request for an officer, that request must be made at least forty-eight (48) hours prior to the scheduled event.  If the Patrol Lieutenant receives the cancelation request from the employer less than 48-hours from scheduled event, the employer will be required to pay the officer(s) assigned to the job the full amount.


Secondary employment is voluntary and done on an officer’s time off from the department.  Therefore, it can never be guaranteed that an off-duty assignment will be filled. An employer MAY NOT request that a particular officer or officer(s) staff a job, the officer or officer(s) actually employed remain the discretion of the SPD.  The priority of SPD officers is their full-time assignment within the Police Department and to the Stallings community at large. Under extraordinary circumstances, employed officers may be activated to an on-duty status and pulled away from their off-duty assignments. In such instances, the private employer will be financially responsible for only those hours actually worked.


Officers of the Stallings Police Department perform their duties and operate under the guidelines and expectations of the Stallings Police Department.  Other than constructive (operational) guidance by the employer, all issues of substandard performance shall be reported to the Patrol Lieutenant.  In any instance of immediate concern, the on-duty supervisor should be contacted, and information can be relayed to the Patrol Lieutenant.  If an officer scheduled to work does not report, or is late to report, the employer should notify the Patrol Lieutenant.  After business hours or on weekends, the On-Duty Supervisor should be informed at (704) 821-0300.