Commendations & Concerns

Policy Statement

It shall be the policy of this Department to receive and investigate concerns related to internal discipline in a manner that will assure the community of prompt, corrective action if police department personnel conduct themselves improperly, while also protecting Departmental personnel from unwarranted criticism, pursuant to the discharge of official duties.
Commendations and concerns may be submitted by using the contact form on this page or calling the police contact at the bottom of this page, and should include as much of the following information as possible.

  • Date of Incident
  • Time of Incident
  • Name of complainant
  • Address of complainant
  • Contact number of complainant

Anonymous complaints will also be accepted for investigation. Upon filing a complaint, we will notify the complainant in written form of the complaint process and the disposition. Complainants may be requested to participate in follow-up interviews, up to and including polygraphs, to substantiate the claim. 

J. Perry
Assistant Chief of Police
Phone: 704-821-0300