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Applications, Permits, and Inspections

The Planning Department enforces zoning regulations, issues zoning permits, and conducts final zoning inspections for all new construction, additions, up-fits(renovations), accessory structures, etc.

The Union County Building Code Enforcement department reviews building plans, issues building permits, and inspects buildings to ensure compliance with building codes. Contact Union County Building Code Enforcement here, click here

All applicants must submit a complete application, including all required information and fees.

Zoning Permits:

Anyone planning a construction project in the Town of Stallings must obtain a zoning permit.

Use Permits:

 A use permit is required for any change in use, including operating a business from home (home occupation).

Sign Permits:

Everyone who plans to install a permanent or temporary sign in Stallings must obtain a sign permit, except for signs that are exempt under Article 17, Section 17.6 of the Development Ordinance.

Zoning, Use, or Sign Permits ONLY

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Please use the button above to apply for or search for a zoning permit, sign permit, or use permit.

  • Zoning permits are required for all construction projects in Stallings.
  • Sign permits are required for all permanent and temporary signs, unless the sign is exempt under Article 17, Section 17.6 of the Development Ordinance.
  • Use permits are required for any change in use, such as operating a business from home.


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Fee Schedule 2023-2024

  • Fee Schedule: Please click the link to view the fee schedule for all the associated permits that the Town requires.

Zoning Compliance Inspections

Zoning Compliance Inspection Checklist

  • This is what the Town of Stallings looks for during zoning compliance inspections.
  • Before Union County will issue a certificate of occupancy, the Town of Stallings must perform a zoning compliance inspection.
  • To schedule a zoning compliance inspection, contact Max Hsiang and include the as-built survey.
  • The as-built survey should include the dimensions of all existing and new structures, impervious surface calculations, and all applicable stormwater management facility information.

All homes being inspected for a certificate of occupancy must be move-in ready. This means:

  • Driveways and sidewalks must have no cracks.
  • All stabilization materials, such as sod, straw, and garden bed materials, must be present and in good condition.
  • All stabilization materials must be aesthetically pleasing.
  • All sidewalks and driveways must be freshly pressure washed.

Permits and Applications

In addition to zoning, sign, and use permits, the Town of Stallings has several other permits that must be filled out digitally or printed. For more information about these permits or applications, please contact the Planning Department.

Land Development Application & Permits

  • Plan Review Application: This application is used to ensure that new developments have adequate services and facilities, and that they do not have a negative impact on the surrounding area or the town as a whole. Plan reviews can take up to 30 business days per review.
  • Subdivision Plat Review: Subdivision plat review is required for both major and minor subdivisions.
    • For major subdivisions, staff must review and approve the concept plan, construction documents, preliminary plat and the final plat.
    • For minor subdivisions, staff can review and approve the concept plan, preliminary and final plats, R/W plats, which allows for a faster review process while ensuring that the proposed subdivision meets all requirements established by the Town of Stallings.
    • Article 7.7 Site Development & Construction Plan Approval Checklists
  • Driveway Permit: [Engineering Permit] You need a driveway permit from either the Town of Stallings or the North Carolina Department of Transportation (NCDOT) to construct, relocate, or alter a driveway on a street maintained by either entity. The applicant must comply with NCDOT's driveway standards. The Town of Stallings must review all driveway plans before construction begins. All driveways must be paved surfaces within the public right-of-way.
  • Tree Disturbance Permit: To obtain a tree disturbance permit, applicants must first sign an affidavit agreeing to follow ANSI 300 Standards for tree care. Except as exempted theordinance, it is unlawful to:
    • Remove, excessively prune, apply harmful chemicals to, or disturb any tree or the soil within the critical root zone (CRZ) of any tree.
    • Clear vegetation from a site.
    • Begin any excavation, remove soil, or place fill on a site within Stallings or its extraterritorial jurisdiction until the Development Administrator has issued a permit certifying that the activity complies with the applicable provisions of this ordinance.

Administrative Application & Permits

  • Annexation Application: Application for annexation into the Town of Stallings. Annexation is the formal process by which a city or other municipality incorporates or absorbs adjacent territory.
  • Rezoning Application: Application to rezone a parcel or parcels of land from one zoning district to another.
  • Text Amendment Application: Application to amend or add text to the Stallings Development Ordinance (SDO). 
  • Variance Application: To apply for a zoning variance, you must submit an application for a Board of Adjustment meeting. The variance process is intended to provide limited relief from the requirements of the Stallings Development Ordinance (SDO) in cases where strict application of a particular requirement would create a practical difficulty or unnecessary hardship, preventing you from using your land in a way that is otherwise allowed under the SDO.
  • Administrative Appeal Application: This application is to be used to appeal an administrative decision made under Section 6.2 of the Stallings Development Ordinance (SDO). If you are appealing a decision made by the Board of Adjustment, please refer to Section 6.1-9 of the SDO.
  • Special Use Permit Application: This application is to authorize development or land uses in a particular zoning district that are not normally allowed in that district. The applicant must present competent, material, and substantial evidence to show that the proposed development or land use complies with the general and specific standards set forth in the zoning ordinance.
  • Zoning Verification Letter Application: This application requests a letter from the Town of Stallings that verifies the zoning, all associated uses, and other information for a specific parcel or parcels of land.
  • Special Event & Temporary Structure: This permit ensures that proposed special events and temporary structures comply with the requirements of Article 15 and any other applicable standards and specifications of the Stallings Development Ordinance. No special event or temporary structure is allowed on a property without first receiving a special event/temporary structure zoning permit from the Town.
  • Vested Rights Zoning Permit: This permit is for individuals who want to have vested rights when submitting their site development plan. Vested rights give a property owner the right to develop their property according to the zoning regulations in place at the time they submitted their site development plan, even if the zoning regulations change after that time.

Code of Ordinance Permits

  • Chicken Permit: [Code Enforcement Permit] This permit is required to acquire and house chickens on a property in the Town of Stallings. Chickens are prohibited on lots less than 1/4 acre (10,890 square feet). Coops must be at least 30 feet from the nearest residence, other than the owner's residence, and at least 25 feet from any lot line. Roosters are prohibited in Stallings. Be sure to check with your HOA before submitting a permit.
  • Demolition Permit: [Planning Permit] This permit is required to demolish any structure within the limits of the Town of Stallings.

Miscellaneous Permits

  • ABC Permit: [State] ABC permits for the State of North Carolina.
  • Speedhump Policy and Petition: [Engineering] When citizens of Stallings are interested in employing the techniques of “neighborhood traffic management” (NTM) due to the need for increased safety as in the installation of a speedhump, this permit must be utilized.